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Green Your Routine this week with NBC

nbc-green-logoLast November was NBC’s first stab at its Green Week. For seven days, all NBC Universal’s networks committed to over 150 hours of green-themed programming. And its happening again.

Last night while watching The Biggest Loser, I noticed the NBC peacock in the bottom right corner of the screen was green. Then at the top of the commercial break, Jillian the trainer told me to restrain from using disposable dishes during the holiday season to reduce waste. Two commercial breaks later I was reminded to choose reusable shopping bags.

I choked on my pasta leftovers a little. I’m so glad someone, or conglomerate rather, is using its clout and credibility to speak for the environment.

Happy Treehuggers and Critics
I wasn’t the only eco-friend who was pleasantly surprised. The Green Home Lady blog author said in a post she didn’t see it coming.

“Scripted into all the programs I watched were characters reminding each other to recycle, buy solar energy or turn off lights. It made me giddy, I tell you.”

But as we all know, you can’t please everyone. Some claim nbc-green-is-universalNBC’s showing a bias toward the Blue Party. Anne Simons, author of brandsizzle blog said:

“…the effort was, at best, intrusive and preachy, and at worst,
was evidence of a liberal media conspiracy.”

But my question is, why does the network get labeled liberal if there’s concern for mother earth? Regardless of whether you believe in global warming or not, what’s the harm in helping out the planet? Even if global warming does prove to be bogus, no harm was done.

green-is-universal-logoGreen is Universal site
While the NBC character’s were offering me up some green tips, they also told me about the Green is Univeral Web site. So I went. I listened to Conan O’ Brien’s green tip PSA and built my dream green home. The Web site did exactly what it was designed to do – engaged its audience. I spent upwards of 45 minutes on the site. Here’s a clip of celebrities talking about their green habits.

And the Moral of the Story is…four-people-talking-on-phone1
Some say Green Week doesn’t work for NBC. So what? The way I see it, Green Week is a success because NBC created a conversation. The company engaged its audience on the site with games, information and videos. And I stumbled across numerous blogs loving or hating NBC for its initative. The loving or hating doesn’t matter.

 What matters is NBC got people talking about the green movement and created buzz via print and online. NBC got its key audience to participate and to have a conservsation. And that, my friends, is public relations.

Green tip #4 – Salt drain cleaner and sponge savior
salt-shaker1Household salt has other uses besides flavoring dishes. Equal quantities of salt and hot water poured down a drain can help get rid of nasty smells and dissolve grease, plus slow future buildup. By soaking kitchen sponges in heavily saline solution, it helps kill the bacteria that cause nasty smells.


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