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Environmental Politics – Where the candidates stand and why Obama won me over.

Every other blogger’s written about the oh-so-close election. And now it’s my chance. First things first – I’m proudly voting for Senator Obama, as a democrat and as an environmentalist. And more than his stance on off-shore drilling, I’m floored by his seamless campaign.

Obama wants my vote
As a PR student analyzing the McCain and Obama camps, Obama blows him out of the water. Even tough college students tend to go blue and this county usually votes blue too, Barack’s still reaching out to me. Every day:

  1. I get at least two emails daily from Joe, Barack, Michelle or someone else. Every email is solely first-name basis – showing informality, a relationship. The first thing I see in the morning for the past year is Obama.
  2. When I sign on to Facebook, Barack’s smiling at me and telling me to vote in Ohio now. And on YouTube and on Pandora Radio. He never lets me forget him.
  3. When I get home, he’s in my mailbox and on a flier slid under my front door.
  4. And Obama messages are on TV while I chow down on my Lean Cuisine. (more…)

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