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Salute to eco-friendly companies: saving green while being green

Today, I want to take time to loudly applaud a few companies that go out of their way to be kinder to our planet –, Forest City, and Great Lakes Brewing Co.

Frustration-free packagingpackaging-victim
Amazon surprised me this morning. Thanks to my blogger buddy Chris Hansen, MarketGreener author, I learned about Amazon’s Frustration-free packaging. Thank goodness someone is spearheading this initiative! It always baffled me how toothbrushes are plastic sealed, the kind that’s impossible to open without injury and light bulbs are in a flimsy, sad excuse for cardboard. I don’t get it.

Amazon’s actually invited its consumers to post videos and pictures of packaging horror stories. Some are pretty humorous. The packaging reduction is a unrecyclable-plastic-packagingpart of their enivornmental promise. So not as much of this packaging to the left and more recyclable cardboard packaging.

Hansen also said on his post that this environmental initiative will sway his purchasing decisions.

” I find myself shopping online a lot, and this is just one more reason for me to try Amazon first.”

It’s very true though. I do the same thing. I support companies more that care about the earth. PR students – if your client can, promote its environmental stance. Because it makes a difference. The company looks ethical and boosts image. But for heaven sakes, only when it’s appropriate. Don’t greenwash.

Locally grownforest-city-recycling-materials1
The next two companies, Forest City and Great Lakes Brewing Company are both Cleveland-sprouted sustainable companies.

Forest City Enterprises, Inc. is a realty and development company that ensures its properties and construction are as eco-thoughtful as possible. It all feeds into the triple bottom line – people, planet and profit.

Cheers for beers
The Great Lakes Brewing Co. is brewery and restaurant but also ships its beers elsewhere. This company is ethical down its last hop. Not only does the company love the environment but it also funds non-profit organizations throughout Cleveland. Its Web site has dedicated three pages about how and why the planet is important. It recycles everything; its “Fatty Wagons” (delivery truck and shuttle bus) run off vegetable oil from the great-lakes-logokitchen and paper, cardboard, kitchen scraps and grain are fed to worms to produce organic fertilizer that incubates the herbs and veggies found on the menu. You can read the entire list of its current environmental projects here.

Like I said earlier in the post with Amazon, people are looking for these initiatives and it’ll sway purchasing decisions. Just last night, I bought a bottle of of GLBC’s Christmas Ale – delicious. The company’s promise to beer-with-black-background1the environment was on the bottle asking me to join them in recycling. No worries, it’s already in the bin.

In closing, with the holiday season approaching, support the companies that care about the planet. So go out into the world and buy a frustration-free gift, buy a sustainable home and drink some Christmas Ale for the companies that do their part.

Green tip #3
white-vinegarWhite vinegar is a natural fabric softener. Replace your chemical-filled choice with 1/4 – 1 cup of vinegar next time you wash. It’s cheaper and it doesn’t leave behind a scent. (It really works. I tried it.)


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